Mission Shirts Finally Has a Blog!

Thank you very much for visiting MissionShirtsOnline.com. We’ve been pretty successful as a word-of-mouth business for a little over 2 years. However, there comes a point when we have to catch up to the rest of the world and branch out a little.

Mission Shirts is all about helping people go on mission trips. Every time you send an order our way it does one of two things:
– Helps somebody go on a mission trip
– Helps fund and grow the company so we can do more and send more people on missions

These are the values of Mission Shirts:
– Operate debt free
– Give a great finished product for a market price or better
– Each employee’s job description starts with “Sending people on mission by…” …printing shirts, …making stickers, …creating signs, …client care

Currently, we’re focused on sending people on mission from our local church. However, part of creating an online presence is to eventually be able to broaden our scope to help send others.

We do not fully fund trips. However, the goal is to help make trips possible by giving partial scholarships up to half the amount needed for the trip.

The trips we support must meet the following criteria:
– Be sponsored by a Christian church
– Provide support free of charge in a way that the church in the area of service gets the credit
– Provide a product or service for that community that will outlast your trip
– Serve in a way that does not create dependence on the team, but promotes self-sufficiency within the community
– Promotes Christianity exclusively. No other message beyond the scope of the service or product supplied may be provided to those being ministered to

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